Abigail & Josh's Engagement

They met as two strangers in Chicago...Kind of (EXACTLY) how I always envisioned meeting my future husband. But no, we met numerous times and never spoke more than two words to each other before deciding years later that we should "maybe go on a date." Dramatic eye roll. 

Back to these two. Abigail and Josh are the perfect epitome of what I envision in an engagement session. Super sweet people but not really looking for direction, but more so just being engaged in the moments happening between the two of them. I tried to be as quiet as the setting around us, so they wouldn't notice me. Pretty sure they forgot I was there anyways. It was quite relaxing if I do say so myself.

I love ALL of my clients and how they differ. This session was just more about me keeping distance and snapping the moments that made my heart happy. 

I'm more than pleased about adding these two in the wedding collections on the 2017 calendar year. Ekkk!