This Summer-

I became a mother. A real one. I never blinked. I watched Colt grow through his naps, his voice, those curious little hands and that beautiful unplugged mind.  I was given the opportunity to fully explore my passion through a lens (or four). I chased the sun, with the windows down. And shared love through real families, babies, sweet couples, young maturing women, and more. I watched my parents come alive again, through the wonders of my sweet little boy.  I found support through my mother. I began to become her. I’ve said what’s on my mind, vocalized my thoughts and never questioned it. I watched my husband grow into the role of a father and continue to live out his promise as the care-taker of this family, the promise to support me in all of my passions. I experimented in creativity over and over with the constant support of those around me. If I didn’t like it, I reset and tried again. No rush. There should never be a rush. This summer I became me. The potential that I had, just not knowing what to do with.  You don’t have to predict the future, stress the things ahead or be anxious. You just have to create something in your mind, anything, and chase it. Maybe I wrote this to encourage you, or maybe I did this as a reminder to myself. Either way, I’m glad it’s here. I am myself and I am whatever I put into my photography. And this is it.