Haven + Riddim || Asheville, NC

I'll try & keep these sappy words short, but it's times like these that I'm so humbled with the opportunity I have to create art & have fun with couples who are very much in love. There are so many incredible photographers in my area. I'm so happy that people choose to share their love through my lens.

I met Riddim in the Summer of 2016. He was bartending at a wedding I was photographing. He asked for a business card & told me he had plans to propose to his beautiful girlfriend in the upcoming months. I was so excited when he contacted me months later. Guess who was there to document that ;) And a few months after that these two love bugs volunteered to play in the snow with me one January night ( I'm still obsessed with those photos). 

So with that, all I will say is be kind to every single person you meet, because you never know where that relationship may lead. Fortunately, this one led me barefoot in Asheville with these two incredibly genuine, beautiful people. Oh and guess who also gets to document their wedding next June. ;)