St Thomas Vaca

We had the best get away to St Thomas this past January. Turns out sporadic vacations can be planned easier than expected. All you need is airbnb, instagram location searches, no seriously... (searching locations on instagram is my new addiction. Audios Pinterest) rental car, waterproof iphone & or camera, duh. 

Summarizing in a few short words - adventure, rum, & sun. 

Suburbanriot graphic tees for the win.

Waterlemon Cay on St John was bomb for snorkeling. It's a bit of a hike to get there, but worth it x100.

I loved my Leica X-U camera rental for our trip BUT the ProShot iPhone case seriously blew my mind just as much. I recommend this for the summer by (or in) the pool & all of your water filled vacas! 

ASOS suits, affordable & beautiful. BYEBYE VS swimwear.

FireGypsyVintage makes the most amazing customized vintage Levis! I wore these high waisted beauts every single day. Sorry, I'm not sorry. 

Sidenote- normally I'd be irritated that Ben shot me out of focus, but that water is gorgeous sooo.... 

ShowMeyourMuMu swimwear has my heart.