Parkway Adventure


Thanks to you guys for being so, so, so incredibly awesome & putting up with my shenanigans. 

This was a sporadic decision when I headed up to Asheville. They agreed on my sunrise idea AND were totally pumped for it. How did I get so lucky?! Originally, we were going to hike & shoot Black Balsam Knob, but apparently I am cursed or something. This is the second time I've been unable to find & shoot this location.

(If you scroll way down I blogged a post in November of an impromptu session with a couple whom I got lost with and we had to wing the whole thing. Anyways......)

So, we caught the sunrise at an overview on that beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, near Asheville. Drove around for a bit, taking impromptu photos whenever, wherever. These two are the best. Check the photos below for self-explanatory explanation.