I like kids. They get me. No, I didn’t say that backwards. Sometimes I just can’t “adult.”

There is literally never a forced connection between me and a candy loving, track speed running, messy kiddo. We don’t even have to talk if they don’t want to. But hey, if they wanna show me their pineapple sunglasses that’s cool too. I catch them off guard when they think they've created some distance from me, but to their surprise I’m right on their heels. I’ve still got it ;) I think I’ve officially been accepted when they notice me on my knees in the grass snapping my shots, “if this girl does mud pies, she’s in.”

So for now, pineapple shaped sunglasses, crazy hair, and not so serious smiles are 100% in. Because one day those little girls will turn into young women, applying lipstick and smiling oh so poised for the camera. And those handsome gents will look into my lens with the most serious of faces, leaving us only to wonder if they ever had a goofy side.