I like your style

You ever wonder if you're making the right choice when you go to book your photographer? You start to wonder if you should have researched a little more, tried to see if there's something or someone that you've missed?

Don't sweat it. Because WE don't.

I am the first to give a deserving photographer a "thumbs up" on their business page! In fact, there's an entire community of us. User groups for photographers that have similar styles, like the same presets, same lenses, live in the same area, need help with technicality. We support each other. 

You're interested in a wedding date and I'm already committed to another couple, that's ok. Because I'm looking out for YOU and I'm looking out for my fellow shooters too! Just because I'm not getting your business, doesn't mean that I shouldn't lead you to someone else similar in style!  I am always going to fit someones style OR I'm simply not. I can't change the way I like to do things, just like you can't change your opinion of it. And neither should my fellow photogs! 

The simple fact of the matter is, I'll keep shooting clients who seek me for what I offer, just as Megan Morales (featured below) will keep the clients who love her creativity! Oh and did I mention she's an art teacher? Bonus creativity points! 

We're photographers and we're friends. Bottom line. 

Featured below Megan Morales of