i'M kAYLA jEAN! 

So "Jean" is my middle name & I never particularly cared for it, until I became a little older with a bit more wisdom behind me. Just a bit.

Iā€™m a mama to the sweetest little boy & a golden retriever.

I'm so passionate about this career that God has lead me to. I still get chills all over my arms every single time that I deliver a gallery to a client. Every. Single. Time.

Man, have I come a long way. Today it's rare that I will have you hold still in front of my camera. I'll give you tasks & crazy questions to ask each other. And we will laugh, oh we will laugh.  I have these embarrassing flash backs to the beginning of this journey when it was cheesy smiles & stiff poses for an entire hour with me. Boy, oh boy.  

I'm so thankful for the community of wonderful people I've met & mentors who've led the way for me. I've found the things that make my work truly mine. And I want to share it with you! 


My work has been featured on: Looks Like Film , Borrowed & Blue, Altard State, Boho Blue, Anthropologie.

An ordinary moment can be quite magical.