i'M kAYLA jEAN! 

So "Jean" is my middle name & I never particularly cared for it, until I met my husband. He still greets me on the phone with "Hey, Kayla Jean" to this day. So it kind of began to grow on me, like he did.  One golden retriever and a baby boy later, I've got myself a happy family!

I'm so passionate about this career that God has lead me to. I still get chills all over my arms every single time that I deliver a gallery to a client. Every. Single. Time.

Man, have I come a long way. Today it's rare that I will have you hold still in front of my camera. I'll give you tasks & crazy questions to ask each other. And we will laugh, oh we will laugh.  I have these embarrassing flash backs to the beginning of this journey when it was cheesy smiles & stiff poses for an entire hour with me. Boy, oh boy.  

I'm so thankful for the community of wonderful people I've met & mentors who've led the way for me. I've found the things that make my work truly mine. And I want to share it with you! 


My work has been featured on:   Looks Like Film , Borrowed & Blue, Altard State, Boho Blue, Anthropologie.
An ordinary moment can be quite magical.